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About Us

Sharing the Sun since 2021!

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At Midwest Agrivoltaic Systems LLC, we specialize in solar energy systems designed specifically for agriculture commonly found in the Midwest. Many of our designs allow farmers to continue their current crop production, have zero interruption, AND add a new revenue stream to their business model: all while increasing profits through lower energy costs.

Forestry and wood processing

Poultry facilities

Fescue and alfalfa producers

Soybean, corn, and other row crops

Greenhouse and greens production

Floating solar and fish farming

AFO/CAFO operations

Solar fencing and awnings

Indoor specialty crops using light

Honey production and processing


Our staff are highly educated, nationally certified, and experienced in custom energy system design. Two of our staff currently work for local educational institutions in the solar and agriculture fields. With staff who live or work in Bentonville, Berryville, Eureka Springs, and Fayetteville, Arkansas, Joplin, Neosho, and Seneca, Missouri, shopping local is not hard to do!


Our FAA licensed drone pilot can provide more than just stunning video of your farm when we evaluate the most efficient location for energy production equipment. Our food scientist can help identify energy inefficiency in all stages of agriculture from production, harvest, and shipping, to processing, storage, and distribution. Our energy experts can help you produce the energy that you still need, cheaper than you can buy it from others. 


We can help you find tax incentives, rebate programs, and creative financing options that may not require you to be out of pocket any money. And in some situations, we are even able to find grants or cash incentives that will pay for part of your project.


We are also connecting environmentally conscious investors that are looking for fair returns and tax incentives with any nonprofit and farmer organizations who need reliable energy to continue the work they do into the future. 


If you would like a custom system designed for your agricultural business, you are interested in being an investor to help grow another agricultural business, or you are merely interested in knowing more about our organization, feel free to reach out to us at

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