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Meet the Board





Andrew Poor created Midwest Argivoltaic Systems in early 2021 as a way to bring Agriculture, Photovoltaics, and Solar Education to the same shared future. Andrew has been an entrepreneur since 2001, and an educator since 2011. Besides his own companies, Andrew has previously worked for Nortel Networks, Greenpeace and the Georgia Technical College System. He currently teaches Alternative Energy, Solar technology, and Environmental Sustainability as a full-time Faculty member at Crowder College in Neosho, Missouri. 

 His education includes Crowder College where he majored in Alternative Energy, the University of Arkansas where he majored in Finance, Western Governors University where he majored in Marketing, Stevenson University studying Environmental Sustainability, and he currently attends Central Missouri University part time where he continues his education in Technical Education. 

Andrew and his wife Erin were dubbed the “Sultans of Survival” by The New Pioneer magazine in the summer of 2020 for their sustainable lifestyle and building methods. Andrew lived off grid in the Ozark mountains for a number of years, and has built off grid residences in Alaska, Missouri, and Arkansas using modern framing, standing log, and traditional log building methods. When he is not teaching, or working, he spends his time beekeeping, gardening, brewing mead, and foraging for wild mushrooms.



Marketing Consultant

David Hagler has been consulting for Midwest Agrivoltaic Systems since its infancy. David is currently working as an independent contractor selling steel supports and structures such as shops, barns, churches, homes, and etc. He has currently been in sales for over 15 years and still greatly enjoys his line of work. He defines marketing as an investment in future sales and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. In direct sales, he has accumulated many awards in his career. One of these awards being #1 in the world in sales for a company that is based in over 50 countries. When it comes to education he has a very diverse set of knowledge. He has studied everything from psychology, sociology, accounting, business math, and computer technology. Outside of his work life David enjoys spending time with his family, going on hikes, gardening, and listening to educational podcasts.



Chief Technology Officer

Robert Nathaniel Sharpe was born and grew up in Neosho, Mo, and considers the Ozarks a deep and meaningful home.  From an early age, he acquired a love of learning - further fueled by a set of encyclopedias from his Great Aunt.  Passionate about the Earth and the Universe, he considers it his primary responsibility to learn from and to educate people in sustainability and conservation.   

Adapting to computing early at 15 years old around 1995, technology and the internet have played a major role in the evolution of his mind and the exposure to foreign ideas and problem-solving. Spending years in Tennessee and furthering his education through mathematics at MTSU in Murfreesboro, then returning to his hometown and studying Renewable Energy at Crowder College before a stint of Engineering school In Rolla, MO at Missouri University of Science and Technology and finally honing his IT skills at WGU.  

Nate brings an eccentric and almost childlike excitement to problem-solving and learning new subjects and is very much looking forward to building a better world for the next generation.  




Solar Operations Director

Born and raised in Southwest Missouri, Tyler Lloyd has become a certified solar technician and consultant through the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. Tyler graduated cum laude at Crowder College in Neosho, Missouri to obtain his Associate of Applied Science degree in the field of solar. He has become proficient in using Aurora solar design software and is a FAA licensed drone pilot. Tyler is a perfectionist with a passion for helping others understand the numerous benefits associated with investing in solar energy. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games, producing music, and studying films.



Food Science Director

Andrea Myers grew up in Hannibal Missouri but has spent most of her adult life in Northwest Arkansas. For 16 years she worked in the transportation industry as a maintenance and department manager and is the owner of Granny Bill’s Bakery.


She returned to college to continue her education in food science where she was awarded an internship in product development with a local orchard. She received second place for the 50th anniversary product development competition at the University of Arkansas food science department. Today is a graduate assistant with the university focusing her efforts on grapes, blackberries, hops, and wine. She has also filled the role of production manager and chocolatier for a local candy company.


Her education has taken her abroad to study food science in Austria, and she was awarded the outstanding master’s student in the food science department at the University of Arkansas Fayetteville Arkansas in 2021. Andrea holds a Bachelor of Science in food and culinary science from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA and she has completed her master’s degree in food science from the University of Arkansas.


When she is not working or educating herself, she loves the outdoors, social gatherings, and both creating and enjoying unique culinary experiences.  

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