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  • What is an AgRack?

MAS has spent the past few years developing an agrivoltaic racking system that is optimized for both agricultural dual-use and community scale solar development. It can hold 8-10 kW in each 34 ft section of racking, depending on the gaps between panels. These gaps between the solar panels provide customizable shading scenarios for shade-tolerant crops. Our 34 ft support spacing allows for wide equipment to be able to operate underneath the solar arrays. We have pilot projects that are expected to complete by Spring of 2023!

Optimized Agrivoltaic Racking

This racking solution was created with the goals in mind of optimizing the albedo radiation return on the back of bifacial solar panels while allowing for agricultural producers to operate beneath the solar arrays. 

Adjustable Gaps

This system also features customizable gaps in-between the solar panels, allowing for light to pass through to the plants below. Bifacial solar panels then collect the solar albedo radiation that reflects off of the plant life or ground below! 

Design and Implementation

Our team is ready to size and quote AgRack systems for you. We will send a representative of MAS to ensure that all AgRack systems are implemented to the highest quality. 

Large Spans

Our pilot projects have been approved to have 34 ft spans between supports, allowing for agricultural equipment to operate between each support. 

Height Clearance

The racking system has currently been engineered to be at least 12 ft tall from the ground to the bottom of the lowest point on the photovoltaic array. 

Dual Land Use

AgRack allows for agricultural entrepreneurs and other organizations to produce crops, raise livestock, or have a parking lot and implement a solar electric system which is specifically designed to provide alternative revenue for their energy/financial benefit. 

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