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The Benefits of an Elevated Solar System

An elevated ground mount solar electric system is a type of solar panel installation that involves mounting the panels on a raised structure rather than directly on the ground. Agrivoltaics uses elevated ground mounts often to ensure that agricultural producers can continue utilizing the land beneath solar arrays. There are several benefits to this type of installation, including:

Increased Energy Production: Elevating solar panels off the ground can increase energy production by allowing for better airflow and reducing shading from surrounding vegetation or buildings. This can result in higher power output and improved performance of the solar electric system. Bifacial solar panels can be utilized in an elevated ground mount to collect albedo radiation that reflects off of the ground, and onto the backsheet of the panels.

Improved Durability: An elevated ground-mount solar electric system can also be more durable than a traditional ground-mounted system. By raising the panels above the ground, they are less vulnerable to damage from flooding, snow, and other environmental factors.

Reduced Land Use: An elevated ground mount solar electric system can help reduce the amount of land required for a solar panel installation. By mounting the panels on a raised structure, the space underneath can be used for other purposes such as farming, parking, or storage.

Easy Maintenance: Elevated ground mount solar electric systems can be easier to maintain than traditional ground-mounted systems. By raising the panels off the ground, there is easier access for cleaning and maintenance, reducing the need for specialized equipment or personnel. Aesthetically Pleasing: Some people find elevated ground-mount solar electric systems to be more aesthetically pleasing than traditional ground-mounted systems. The raised structure can be designed to blend in with the surrounding landscape, reducing the visual impact of the installation. Safer Wildlife Habitat: Elevating the solar panels and increasing the space underneath the array allows for increased biodiversity and native plant growth, making the area beneath the panels a safer habitat for animals. An elevated ground mount solar electric system can provide increased energy production, improved durability, reduced land use, easy maintenance, a pleasing appearance, and safer wildlife habitat. These benefits make it a desirable option for many solar panel installations. Our product, AgRack, is an elevated ground mount system that seeks to allow farmers to continue to utilize the land beneath the solar arrays with a height clearance of 13 feet and horizontal clearance from support to support of 34 feet. AgRack allows for livestock grazing and shade-tolerant crop growth beneath the array and even reduces the watering needs of agricultural operations.

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